Ship Attributes
Manufacturer Zarek Industrial
Type Support Craft
Difficulty Easy
Length 1,215
Base Hull Strength 9,000
Crew 5,335
Initial Max Speed 500
Ship Tier 2
Attack 7
Defense 7
Utility 6
Credits Free
The Zarek Venturer is a tough ship, outfitted with a series of abilities equally suited for offensive or defensive play. It boasts a two-stage attack, with the Stone Cracker opening up enemy armor for the Mining Lazer to go to work on vulnerable sections of the target. Also able to provide running repairs anf shield support, the Venturer is a vital member of any fleet it is apart of.

Ship Description Edit

The Venturer was originally an asteroid miner, where it would use its powerful Armor Breaker to chip off material which was then melted by the Mining Laser or plasma from the Plasma Missiles. As this was a dangerous process, it was also equipped with a shielding system and a self-repair ability which extends out to heal allies and damage incoming missiles.

Weapons Edit

Abilities Edit