The Zarek Superlifter is a utility-focused support ship, with some offensive and repair capabilities. This all-rounder is

Zarek Superlifter
Ship Attributes
Manufacturer Zarek Industrial
Type Support Ship
Difficulty Hard
Length 817m
Base Hull Strength 6,000
Crew 2,905
Initial Max Speed 650
Ship Tier 1
Attack 7
Defense 4
Utility 9
Credits 616,000
best used as a team player, using its various support abilities to improve the performances of its allies as the fleet move towards their objective.

Ship Description Edit

The Superlifter has its origins in Zarek's vast shipyards, but retooled for an active support role. Capable of great speed and agility, it can bestow these qualities on slower ships by assigning them its fleet of Tugboat Drones. Armed with capable cannon and high grade missiles, the Superlifter is good on offense, but relies on its speed for defense as well as a powerful disable engines pulse.

Abilities Edit