Smart gun based weapon systems lauch a burst of mutliple individual aim-asssisting warheads at a target(s). Smart guns also have no optimal range, as such they will inflict amounts of damage within their maximum range.

"It is worth noting that despite a big marketing push on the term Smart Weaponry, the use of the term "homing" is misleading. Smart weaponry is outsourced to a TDS subsidiary and whatever tech lives inside of those smart gun warheads, it is not built to the same standard TDS applies to its ships. Whilst they will close on the enemy, you still have to be firing from within a relatively tight angle to hit. These are not missiles. However the weapon system has proved popular since the additional aim assist allows Captains to focus on utility systems and supporting their allies." - Corvette's Smart Gun description

Smart Gun Variants Edit

Name Ship Maximum Range m Projectile Speed m/s Rate of Fire Volley Damage per Hit Maximum Turrets Special Feature Experience Cost Credit Cost
Smart Gun Corvette 12,000 3,000 5x2 35 2 Free Free
Pulse Smart Gun Corvette 11,000 2,750 7x2 20 2 1000 9000
Heavy Smart Gun Corvette 16,0000 4,000 4x2 50 1 1000 9000
Health Leech Equalizer 10,500 3000 5x2 35 1 12.5% Leech Free Free