Zarek Raider
Ship Attributes
Manufacturer Zarek Industrial
Type Light Attack
Difficulty Hard
Length 840m
Base Hull Strength 6,000
Crew 3,145
Initial Max Speed 600
Ship Tier 1
Attack 8
Defense 6
Utility 6
Credits 308,000
The Zarek Raider is an extremely fast and maneuverable attacker, capable of darting round a conflict zone inflicting significant damage to a target. able to operate with impressive accuracy and enhanced survivability thanks to its defensive abilities, the Raider is dangerous presence in battle.

Ship Description Edit

Raiders are light attack craft. They carry a lot of fire-power for a ship their size and have the speed and maneuverability to wield it far more efficiently than much larger ships.

Weapons Edit

Main weapon: Multishot – Will fire 3 rounds in quick succession, not unlike a shotgun.

Abilities Edit

  1. Proximity Mines – fires out 8 mines that will detonate on proximity to any ship.
  2. Missiles - Will launch guided missiles on your enemy target
  3. Detector Drone – Will fire a drone to your target where it will set up a detection bubble, revealing all ships that enter here (not fully functional in current build)
  4. (RMB) Screen – Will activate a directional shield on cross hair which will prevent all damage.
Fractured Space - The Frigate

Fractured Space - The Frigate