Zarek Paragon
Ship Attributes
Manufacturer Zarek Industrial
Type Heavy Fire Support
Difficulty Hard
Length 1,793
Base Hull Strength 13,500
Crew 6,595
Initial Max Speed 330
Ship Tier 3
Attack 8
Defense 5
Utility 7
Credits 924,000
The Zarek Paragon is a heavy fire support ship able to provide supporting damage while bringing invaluable utility to the team. The Paragon can send a deadly combination of fighters and bombers to keep its targets busy as it advances further into the sector.

Ship Description Edit

The Paragon is a specialist ship that is focused on Launch Bay systems - primarily Fighters, Bombers and Utility drones. The Paragon can establish refueling/rearming waypoints that it can use to set up forward defensive areas or establish ambush points.

Weapons Edit


The Paragon is equipped with a multi-turrent weapon system that is used to defend against close range attacks and the enemy squadrons of fighters and bombers.

Range: 15,000 (1.5s x 10,000m/s)

Max Turrents: 3

Total Turrents: 12

Base Damage: 10ppd

ReRire Rate: 0.08


The Paragon has a total of 12 MINICANNON's attached to the ship.

Paragon/Blink Fighters Edit


Paragon Fighters in formation

Fighters are the main fighting force of the carrier ship. Their small size makes them fast, maneuverable, and difficult to track. Fighters are used to suppress enemy ships take down bombers or drones. They can also be used to defend the Paragon or friendly ships. Blink Fighters are a smaller wing that have the ability to blink between targets.

Max Flight time: 45s

Damage: 30 dmg/sec

Wing Size: Paragon Fighters - 12    Blink Fighters - 8

Squad Returned Casualty Cooldown: 15s

Squad Dead Cooldown: 25s

Charge Bombers Edit


Charge Bombers

Charge Bombers are used to deal damage to enemy ships from extreme distances and also to defend the paragon from close range. They deploy a time delayed bomb near the target, acting as an area-of-denial tool or increasing pressure on an otherwise engaged threat. Bombers must rearm in order to continue damage to the target, so it is recommended that waypoints are used to establish forward locations for the bombers to attack from - reducing their delivery time.

Wing Size: 8

Strikes per Run: 1

Base Damage: 250ppd

Weapon Range: 3,000

Squad Returned Casualty Cooldown: 15s

Squad Dead Cooldown: 40s


Capmod WaypointEdit

The Capmod Waypoint provides a automatic location (if closer than the Paragon) for fighters to refuel and bombers to rearm - allowing the Paragon to create defensive locations or set up ambushed on the map. The Waypoint also doubles as a way to aid allies in capturing objectives by enhancing their capture rate whilst inhabiting the enemy's.

Defense DronesEdit

The Paragon protects the team with deploy-able Defense Drones that will project the selected ally with a shield, mitigating the 30% of incoming damage fir a certain period  of time or until the drones are destroyed. These drones can also be used to defend the parent ship for layered defense.