Ship Attributes
Manufacturer Zarek Industrial
Type Long-Range Attacker
Difficulty Hard
Length 1,277m
Base Hull Strength 7,000
Crew 4,142
Initial Max Speed 470
Ship Tier 2
Attack 7
Defense 6
Utility 7
Credits 308,000
The Zarek Overseer is a long-range warfare solution, designed to operate at extreme distances. The Ship puts constant pressure on targets thanks to a continuously-firing weapon system which can be directed with extreme precision.

Ship Description Edit

The Overseer is a Zarek long range attack craft. Unlike the USR Watchman, the entire ship is built around a huge orbital mining beam. The entire ship orients to bring the beam to bear. The overseer can inflict devastating damage at long range but is very vulnerable at close range,

Weapons Edit

Abilities Edit