Ship Attributes
Manufacturer Zarek Industrial
Type Stealth Attack
Difficulty Hard
Length 889
Base Hull Strength 8,000
Crew 4,005
Initial Max Speed 550
Ship Tier 2
Attack 7
Defense 6
Utility 7
Credits 308,000
The Zarek Infiltrator is a stealth attacker based around indirect, but powerful weaponry. It is a maneuverable, swift ship with a vicious bite which can take out multiple enemies with one well-executed strike. The Infiltrator is not an easy vessel to fly, and is not recommended for newcomers, but in the hands of an experienced stealth captain, can be absolutely devastating.

Ship Description Edit

The Zarek stealth attack ship is very different to its U.S.R. cousin - instead of high alpha damage - the Infiltrator uses its cloak to sneak behind enemy lines. It then uses Ion Drones to prepare targets for its Ion Blast which delivers an AOE attack that causes damage to enemies that have been marked by its drones. Like any stealth ship, the Infiltrator must escape after delivering its payload. Without a blink or boost to use, the Infiltrator fires a disarm AOE that allows it to slip back into cloak and escape.

Weapons Edit

Abilities Edit