Zarek Hunter
Ship Attributes
Manufacturer Zarek Industrial
Type Medium Attack
Difficulty Medium
Length 1,108m
Base Hull Strength 10,500
Crew 5,125
Initial Max Speed 470
Ship Tier 2
Attack 9
Defense 6
Utility 5
Credits 110,000
The Zarek Hunter is a vicious medium-sized attacker, roaming deep space in search of its victims before pouncing using its advance Blink Drive. Its a versatile and dangerous ship, capable of tremendous damage output whilst boasting impressive suvivability.

Ship DescriptionEdit

Hunters are front line ships. They are design to push toward the enemy before engaging with relatively short range weapons. Their role is to find and destroy other attack craft.



The Hunter's primary weapon is its battery of Cannon.


The Hunter also comes equipped with a barrage of missiles, able to be dispatched when the target is vulnerable. Point defenses will take these down.


Blink Edit

The Hunter's signature ability is the Blink. This short relocation instantly moves the hunter to an effective engagement range from which to take on the enemy.

Detect Pulse Edit

The ship is also fitted with a Detect Pulse. This sweeps the area for cloaked enemies, revealing them to allies in the area.

Syphon Drones Edit

The Syphon Drones are the last line of defense for the Hunter, swarming around an enemy to transmit energy back to their host ship.
Fractured Space - The Hunter

Fractured Space - The Hunter