Zarek Gladiator
Ship Attributes
Manufacturer Zarek Industrial
Type Defensive Heavy
Difficulty Hard
Length 2,015
Base Hull Strength 15,000
Crew 7,162
Initial Max Speed 390
Ship Tier 3
Attack 7
Defense 8
Utility 5
Credits 616,000
The Zarek Gladiator is perhaps the most intimidating individual ship spotted in Fractured Space. This colossal heavy is the largest ship currently in operation, boasts unparalleled durability. It packs a serious punch with its Gladius Cannon and is capable of holding an objective point on its own.

Ship Description Edit

Calling on two colossal batteries of weaponry, one along each flank, the Gladiator is Zarek's answer to the heavy lines of other manufactures. Looming into a conflict zone, the Gladiator provides a mobile platform to completely lock down strategic objectives using devastating firepower and ability to support allies. The Gladiator's only weakness comes from softer armor points through this does mean enemies must enter its firing solution to take their shot.

Weapon Systems Edit

Utilities Edit