Ship Attributes
Manufacturer United Space Research
Type Unknown
Difficulty Unknown
Length Unknown
Base Hull Strength 7,000
Crew Unknown
Initial Max Speed 580
Ship Tier 6
Attack Unknown
Defense Unknown
Utility Unknown
Credits 1,123,200


"Assassins use their cloak capability to move through the battlefield to reach isolated targets before decloaking and unleashing massive damage. Assassins cannot withstand persistent fire and must withdraw as soon as their payload is delivered."


  1. Rockets – Barrage of unguided missiles fired at the cross-hair


  1. Cloak – Become mostly invisible to yourself and team mates and completely invisible to the enemy
  2. Target Blink – Teleport closer to the target provided they are in range.
  3. Decoy – Place a copy of your ship at the targeted point, this ship will sit and do nothing.
  4. (RMB) Ambush – Massively increase the damage done by you to the target for a short time. 

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