Fractured Space is a 5 vs. 5 tactical space shooter based around large capital ships.

The goal of the Fractured Space is quite simple: take your oppenent's base (spawn location) by entering its capture bubble.

Sounds simple doesn't it? However, before we get to how to win. We must first cover the basics of the game.

Controls Edit

As with any video game, having a good understanding of the controls of your space ship is key to survive and unleashing your ship's upmost damage potential.

While this image does capture the basics of flying your ship, it doesn't adaquently explain some of the finer details of "jumping".
  • Your orientation is kept while jumping, i.e. the direction that your ship is facing when it enters its jump is the same when you exit your jump.
  • Your speed and accereleration is carried through your jump.
  • You take 200% more damage while your ship is initiating its jump, i.e. if you are very low health and surronded by enemies DON'T jump.
  • Active abilities are carried through jumping.

Warm-up Edit

Playing the Game Edit

Winning Edit