Ship Attributes
Manufacturer Titan Defence Systems
Type Unknown
Difficulty Unknown
Length Unknown
Base Hull Strength 5,000
Crew Unknown
Initial Max Speed 600
Ship Tier 2
Attack Unknown
Defense Unknown
Utility Unknown
Credits 36,000

"The Equalizer is a generalized Support craft. They are fast and maneuverable and support their allies through use of the Purge Field which counters systems attacks by the enemy; the Boost Gate which allows the Equalizer or its allies to close on objectives or move out of danger.

The equalizer is a versatile and quick support ship which main roles include, debuffing allies [ Purge field ], creating boost gates for itself and slower allies to make a team much more versatile as a whole or running interference within the enemy team using is Leeching smart gun.

The size and thin aspect of the ship allows for a large amount of incoming fire to be easily avoided and at the same time makes it much harder for enemies using manual weaponry to hit.

Abilities explained: Edit

Purge Field:

This is a AOE sphere much similar in size to its younger brethren the Corvettes Shield although the main difference between them is that the purge field is only a one use ability once it has been used it does not stay in play and much go through cool down in order to be used again. The purge field removes any negative status effect from allied ships within the sphere that it is deployed in. This can include effects such as:

- Harpooned

- Slowed

- Ion charges (as well as many others)

Smart Turret (Leech):

Again like corvette this ship is fitted with a smart gun main turret which allows for the user to concentrate on its supporting role as well as landed those well needed hits using the auto guidance system. The main difference between the two is that the Equalizers Smart Gun uses a Leech attachment, this allows for 2% of inflicted damage on target to be given back to the equalizer in health. This paired with its small design can allow this ship to stay at range, dodging shots and healing (Keeping you alive).

Boost gates:

The boost gate is a ability which fires a Graphical portal which ships (including itself) can fly through in order to receive a boost. This is most effective when slower ships are on your team. This ability allows them to get into position faster or even can assist in a retreat to get slower ships out of danger while the equalizer draws their fire.