"Disruptors are a generalized support craft, capable of repairing allies and themselves as well as disrupting enemy attacks. They are fast and maneuverable but cannot take much damage."

Main weapon: Blasters – Fires (depending on angle) 3 blasts of energy in the direction you are aiming.

  1. Detect Slow – Reveals cloaked ships, if a ship is hidden behind a structure it will reveal their outline and will slow their ship down.
  2. Jump to Ally – Will teleport to target ally who is in range.
  3. Repair Drones – Will deploy a squadron of ships to repair (heal) you and nearby allies.
  4. (RMB) Disarm – Will temporarily disable the target’s weapons.
Fractured Space Alpha - Disruptor Gameplay 1

Fractured Space Alpha - Disruptor Gameplay 1