USR Flagship A1
Ship Attributes
Manufacturer United Space Research
Type Heavy attack
Difficulty easy
Length 1,786m
Base Hull Strength 15,000
Crew 6,255
Initial Max Speed 363
Ship Tier 1
Attack 50
Defense 77
Utility 72
Credits 110,000

The Colossus, formerly the Flagship, produced by United Space Research, is a starter ship that is designed to close the distance with a enemy fleet and absorb tremendous amounts of damage. All the while, pounding out continuous Area of Effect (AoE, Also Known As splash) damage and disabling enemy ship's navigational systems.

"The Colossus is a massive ship that moves slowly through the battlefield. It makes for an easy target but can absorb far more damage other ships and can return lethal fire-power if allowed to close."

Weaponry Edit

The Colossus's initial weapons consist of flak guns that can hit any target in range, missiles that fire in salvos of eight, and fighters. The flak guns can be exchanged for Photonic Charges which are AoE and do much more damage, But fire significantly slower. The fighters can be exchanged for two different types of drones, slow or plasma.


Fractured Space - The Flagship

Fractured Space - The Flagship