Ship Attributes
Manufacturer United Space Research
Type Unknown
Difficulty Unknown
Length Unknown
Base Hull Strength 9,000
Crew Unknown
Initial Max Speed 550
Ship Tier 2
Attack 55
Defense 38
Utility 55
Credits 540,000


"The Brawler is the USR competitor to the Zarek domination of the front line. It is lethal at close range combining its AOE concuss with its primary weapon. As with the Zarek ships, the Brawler is designed to attack at close range, but rather than Blink to target, the Brawler pulls the target to him. The Brawler Harpoon system is a two stage system: first fire the harpoon torpedo to the target and once it has landed, use the Pull to drag the target into range."

From January 2016 Patch Notes:

-Added Brawler loadouts -- Auto Thumper - Fires eight shells in automatic fashion -- Thumper Blast - Fires eight shells in one shot - Armor Balance - With reports of the Brawler over performing, we have made the following changes -- PREVIOUS VALUES The Brawler's armor had 2 strong points and 2 weak points. The strong points were the Left and Right side panels which had 4000 Armor (4x standard) and 0.5 damage reduction (25 better than standard). The weak points were Rear and Underneath which had 750 Armor (25 less than standard) and no reduction. These non-standard sets of Armor were adjusted to reduce the Brawler survivability -- NEW VALUES The strong panels are still at 4000 Armor but now have a standard damage reduction of 0.75. The weak points still have 750 Armor but have a standard 0.75 reduction.

Armaments Edit

  1. place_holder


  1. Harpoon
  2. Fighters
  3. Slowreel